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Term 3 2016 Newsletter

Orange Grove Schools X-Country

Winter gave way to spring, but came back to visit; just to check on things, giving us all a chill down our spines, wind in our sails and a smattering of snow on the Winterberg mountains in September! Hurry along Spring……

This has been an eventful term, with sport, sport, sport in full speed, (pun intended).

Please notice our wonderful entrance to Orange Grove upgrade!! Thank you to Devan for the wonderful frame for the new sign and Uncle Tony and staff for the face lift of the entrance.  » Continue Reading

Term 1 2016 Newsletter

Joshua du Toit


This term has been a very eventful term, and we have all been deeply impacted by the tragic loss of Joshua du Toit, the 14 year old son of our new principal, Jakes du Toit. After the car accident that resulted in Joshy’s being taken to ICU in a coma, he remained on life support for three days until on the Saturday he miraculously breathed on his own, and doctors began doing everything they could to stabilise his condition and aid his recovery.  » Continue Reading